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Vietnam - Singapore Real Estate Corporation, short name is Vietsing Group or Vietsing Real Estate is Công ty phát triển bất động sản sinh thái kết hợp các hoạt động du lịch, thể thao, văn hóa, vui chơi giải trí … tổ chức thường niên trên nhiều tỉnh thành của cả nước, đan xen tinh hoa văn hóa dân tộc trong cuộc sống hiện đại của người dân nhằm tạo nên một “Thiên đường sống” muôn màu

Convergence of 4 factors:

  • Spirit: Tinh Thần
  • Sport Thể thao
  • Eco-Friendly Tiện ích và không gian xanh, thân thiện môi trường
  • Intelligence Trí tuệ

Our founding team with enthusiastic, dedicated work, relentless innovation always strive to develop the best real estate products for locals

Finding potential areas but unexplored, help contribute to the overall development of the province and the country. At the same time, improving various aspects of the life of local people as well as people using the facilities of the project

With the desire to expand and develop in various fields, Vietsing Group has gathered a team of experienced personnel who have worked in large corporations and companies, specializing in real estate


  • Developing eco real estate projects with many landscapes, modern entertainment in areas that have not been exploited
  • Creating focal points in the province that our project is being implemented as well as enhancing the value of the life of residents living in the area


  • Growing one of the global private economic corporation operates in a variety of fields. In which, real estate is the core field
  • Be a pioneer of exploring potential lands
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Trụ sở chính tập đoàn địa ốc Việt Nam Singapore

Core Values

  • Conscientious: Developing high-quality real estate projects, make a contribution for enhancing value in many aspects for residents in the area. Ensuring labor safety and environmental sanitation during the process of project construction
  • Prestige: Ensuring project implementation on schedule, in compliance with State regulations
  • Difference: Creating a highlight point in areas that implementing our project

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